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The Party Branch of Dongguo Chengfa and the Party Branch of Zhongxing Sub-district Office held a signing ceremony for branch pairing and co-construction

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In order to further strengthen organizational construction, innovate the working methods and methods of party building, and deepen the relationship between enterprises and localities, on December 1, the signing ceremony of the paired construction between the party branch of Dongguo City Development and the party branch of Zhongxing Street was held in the party building room of Dongguo City Development.

Dongguo Chengfa Party Branch Secretary and General Manager Wang Dongping, a Party member in Jiao, Ge Yanfen, Secretary of the Party Branch of Zhongxing Street, and Guo Rongge, Secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee of Zhongxing Street, attended the signing ceremony.


At the signing ceremony, the paired party organizations introduced the brief situation of each branch respectively, and conducted in-depth communication in the aspects of organizing joint construction, joint learning of party members, public welfare activities, and optimizing the business environment of enterprises. "Party Branch Co-construction Agreement".




The person in charge of the party organizations of the two parties in the pairing and co-construction said that the goal of building a model party branch for government-enterprise cooperation will be the goal, and the work of "branch pairing and co-construction" will be real, innovative and effective. In the following work, firstly, through joint party classes, study seminars, theme party days, etc., in-depth study and implementation of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth middle schools of the 19th CPC National Congress In the spirit of the plenary session, actively organize and carry out activities such as party history learning and education, social practice, volunteer service, public welfare and environmental protection, practice social responsibility, fulfill social obligations, continuously improve the service level of party members, and continue to enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity of the joint construction branch. The second is to give full play to the role of the government as a "bridge" to provide enterprises with resources in talent introduction, employee training and education, and improvement of downstream manufacturing supporting capabilities, continue to optimize the business environment of enterprises, promote the development of local industrial clusters, and realize party building and enterprise localization. Development and construction of positive interaction. The third is to fully understand that paired joint construction provides a good platform for both parties to strengthen party building work, use various forms to widely publicize the significance of branch paired joint construction work, improve the awareness of participation of all party members and cadres and workers in both branches, and enhance engagement. A good sense of responsibility and urgency in the work of branch pairing and co-construction, creating a strong working atmosphere, and laying a solid foundation for doing a good job in branch pairing and co-construction work.

During this period, Ge Yanfen and Guo Rongge visited the exhibition hall of the company, and the participants in the ceremony deeply studied the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

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