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Approaching the workers who stick to their posts

Author:admin     Date :2022-05-05      Read:143

The May Day holiday is a good time to travel. Many people are enjoying the comfort of the holiday, and there are many workers who stick to their posts, interpreting their responsibilities with persistence, and showing responsibility with dedication. Their busy figures are the best scenery in May. .

Workers on the front line of the workshop: I am the happiest when the equipment is delivered on time.

Walking into the production workshop of Dongguo Chengfa, you can see a busy production scene. As usual, the workers and masters came to work early and held a pre-shift morning meeting on time for safety disclosure. The mental state quickly entered their respective workstations. The feed baffle of the Daqing project has entered the critical period of assembly, the debugging of the slag machine has been completed, and the welding of the accessories of the slag machine is also in full swing; the welding process of the storage tank of the Jiaozuo West Project has been completed, and the workers have invested in the painting and packaging process of the storage tank. … Workshop worker Niu Xiaoxiao: "We stick to our posts on Labor Day. Although we are a little tired and busy, we are very happy watching the equipment being assembled and taking shape and thinking that the equipment can be delivered sooner. The healthy and stable development of the company is the greatest happiness of our employees. !"


Workers in the office building: I am the happiest when successfully passing the three-system audit.

Dongguocheng issued the ISO9001/14001/45001 three-system annual audit work and the "May 1st Holiday" unexpectedly. All the members of the company's welcome audit team arrived at the post, and met the three-system audit work with high quality. During the three-day audit, the members of the welcome team divided their work and cooperated, worked together to devote themselves to the on-site audit work, carefully and detailedly sorted out the materials required for the audit, and ensured that every point of the annual audit work of the three systems could be implemented. The annual review work can be carried out efficiently. Zhi Junjie from the Technology Research and Development Office: "We stick to our positions on Labor Day. Although we missed the opportunity to travel on holidays, we are very excited to see the company's three-system annual review work going smoothly. The company's high-quality development is the greatest well-being of our employees! "


Work creates the future and struggles to realize dreams. The workers of Dongguochengfa write dedication with persistence, interpret responsibility with both hands, carry forward the fine tradition of the working class with a diligent and pragmatic spirit, and show the new journey with a work style of daring to do good. Worker style.

Dongguocheng hair Zhang Wenwen (text/photo)