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The stainless steel containers of the denitration system of Jiaozuo West Waste Incineration Power Generation Project have been completed and shipped in batches

Author:admin     Date :2022-05-08      Read:194

On May 6, 6 sets of large-diameter thin-walled stainless steel containers for the flue gas purification system of the Jiaozuo West Waste Incineration Power Generation Project contracted by Dongguocheng were successfully completed and shipped, and delivered to users in batches.


This batch of containers is a large-diameter stainless steel thin-walled container with high manufacturing process requirements, great welding difficulty and strict deformation control. The R&D team has passed many technical research discussions and proved that on the basis of fully digesting the design drawings and technical requirements, it focused on tackling key technical problems such as manufacturing, welding, and anti-deformation, and comprehensively overcame various technical problems. Under the careful organization and arrangement of the workshop, front-line employees voluntarily gave up rest days, overcoming unfavorable factors such as high quality requirements, short production cycle, and the arrival of some supporting parts affected by the epidemic. The production and delivery are completed with quality assurance, which meets the urgent needs of users and ensures the needs of short-term, fast, urgent and difficult projects.


This batch of thin-walled containers was delivered in batches, which fully demonstrated Dongguocheng's spirit of not being afraid of hardships and dangers and of continuous exploration. In the face of difficulties, they dared to show their swords, dare to fight and be good at fighting.

The completion and delivery of the project is also another milestone achievement of the transformation and development of Dongguo Chengfa, which indicates that the company has mastered the manufacturing technology of "high-end material thin-walled container" in addition to mastering the technology of waste incinerator and realizing mass sales and operation. It has the ability to sell such products in batches, which further demonstrates the comprehensive strength of Dongguo Chengfa in the field of thin-wall container technology, and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Dongguo Chengfa.

Dongguocheng Fa Zhang Wenwen / Text Li Zhenyu / Photo