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Li Peihua, Secretary of Shanyang District Party Committee, and his party went to Dongguo City for investigation

Author:admin     Date :2022-05-16      Read:174

On the afternoon of May 16, Li Peihua, Secretary of the Shanyang District Party Committee, and his party went to Dongguocheng for investigation, and members of Dongguocheng's development team accompanied the investigation.

Li Peihua and his party visited the company's exhibition hall. General Manager Wang Dongping introduced the company's history, main business, technological innovation, talent structure, market layout, etc. The scientific research project planning was reported.


Afterwards, Li Peihua and his entourage visited the important equipment such as grate and pusher of the Jinghong domestic waste incineration power generation project. difficulties and problems encountered.

Li Peihua pointed out that technological innovation is the first driving force for development, strengthen the leading role of technological innovation and the supporting role of talents, continuously lengthen the industrial chain, and further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The Shanyang District Government attaches great importance to the development of high-tech enterprises, strives to create a better business environment, implements various preferential policies for enterprises, and coordinates and solves the problems of enterprises in expanding production capacity and introducing talents. It is hoped that Dongfang Boiler Chengfa Company can rely on the technical research and development advantages of Dongfang Electric Group and Dongfang Boiler, give full play to the leading role of the enterprise, develop a number of high-tech projects, build a number of high-precision technical teams, and accelerate the development of high-end environmental protection equipment industry.


Wang Dongping expressed his gratitude to the Shanyang District Party Committee and District Government for their long-term and strong support to Dongguo Chengfa. Dongguo Chengfa will focus on the overall development plan of Shanyang District, based on the actual situation of the enterprise, give full play to the advantages of technology manufacturing, focus on the research and development and application of environmental protection equipment, in-depth cooperation with local colleges and universities in scientific research projects, introduce high-end technical talents, improve technology research and development capabilities, and increase Horsepower promotes the high-quality development of enterprises and makes greater contributions to regional social and economic development.

Dongguocheng Fa Zhang Wenwen (text) Li Zhenyu (picture)