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Dongguo Chengfa has successively won two important honors

Author:admin     Date :2022-05-19      Read:178

Recently, good news came from the Henan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and Jiaozuo City Federation of Trade Unions. Dongguo Chengfa has successively won two honorary titles as the winner of the Henan Province "Ankang Cup" competition and the outstanding construction unit of the key project labor competition in Jiaozuo.


Dongguo Chengfa always insists on implementing the concept of "safety first" into the whole process of production and operation of the company. Establish a safety responsibility system for all employees, with the general manager taking the lead to sign the "Safety Production Commitment Letter" step by step, highlighting the strengthening of safety responsibilities at all levels. Actively promote the construction of a dual prevention system of safety risk classification management and control and hidden danger investigation and management, and improve various systems of enterprise safety management. Adhere to the closed-loop management of hidden danger investigation and management, regularly carry out seasonal and special safety inspections, implement the responsibility for rectification of hidden dangers, and follow up the progress of hidden dangers elimination. Adhere to the daily safety education before the class, and carry out special safety trainings such as lifting operations, hot work, climbing operations, and the use of electrical equipment. Organize comprehensive emergency drills such as fire and explosion, mechanical injury, lifting injury and electric shock injury. Strengthen the environmental protection management of the production site, continuously improve the environmental sanitation of the factory area and workshop, and ensure a virtuous circle of the company's environmental protection work.


Focusing on the overall goal of "laying the foundation in one year, advancing to the next level in two years, and achieving results in three years", Dongguo Chengfa has made every effort to tackle different application scenarios and different levels of incinerators on the basis of optimizing and strengthening the incinerator market and technological advantages. As well as the technology research and development and market development of the tail environmental protection island system and new energy and environmental protection containers, a solid waste treatment integrated industrial pattern of "pretreatment + incineration + tail treatment + service" has been constructed. The domestic waste incineration power generation treatment system has been mass-produced and put into operation, the hazardous waste and medical waste treatment equipment system has been sold and put into operation, and the new energy environmental protection equipment has been equipped with sewage treatment system equipment, fly ash treatment system equipment, and flue gas treatment equipment. The mass production and sales of system equipment and key technical equipment for hydrogen energy refueling stations have achieved breakthroughs.

Dongguo Chengfa will take the honor as a new starting point, anchor the "1258" strategic plan, adhere to consolidate the foundation of safety and environmental protection, adhere to the leadership of technological innovation, adhere to deepening market operations, adhere to the improvement of production management efficiency, and fully promote the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. Upgrade and upgrade, and strive to become a first-class enterprise in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry.

Dongguocheng Fa Zhang Wenwen (text) Li Zhenyu (picture)

May 18, 2022