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Dongguo City Development Organization is competition for middle management positions in 2022

Author:admin     Date :2022-05-28      Read:191

In order to broaden the selection and employment channels, provide outstanding employees with a smooth career promotion channel, and further improve the company's mid-level management team structure, Dongguo Chengfa Co., Ltd. organized the 2022 mid-level management position competition on May 27.

The position of this competition is the deputy director of the manufacturing technology department and the workshop director. A total of 5 people participated in the competition, and 3 candidates passed the qualification examination. There are two links: interview and defense and comprehensive evaluation. ” principle, some worker representatives were invited to participate in the whole interview and defense work.


The interview and defense designed two parts: competition speech and questions from the judges. The candidates made a speech on the job experience, competition advantages, and policy measures. The members of the jury panel asked questions on management innovation, departmental collaboration, team building, incentive mechanism, etc. The three contestants responded calmly and witty, showing good business level and excellent overall quality. Finally, the judges give comprehensive scores based on the position and self-cognition, political and ideological quality, professional knowledge and skills, communication and organization and coordination ability, comprehensive quality and development potential of the candidates.


After the competition was over, general manager Wang Dongping commented on the competition. He explained the purpose and significance of the competition, and asked the contestants to treat the results of the competition correctly. Those who succeeded in the competition should continue to work hard, earnestly perform their duties, and serve the company. Contribute to development, don’t be discouraged if you are not successful in the competition. In the future, it will provide a broader display platform for employees with both political integrity and ability, truly giving those who want to do things a chance, and those who can do things have a stage, providing a strong foundation for the company’s high-quality development. talent support.

In the next step, an organization inspection will be conducted according to the comprehensive evaluation results of the candidates. Combined with the inspection results, the proposed candidates will be finally determined and announced.

Dongguocheng Fa Zhang Wenwen (text) Li Zhenyu (picture)