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Sending coolness in summer, party members act first

Author:admin     Date :2022-06-09      Read:185

In recent days, the temperature in Jiaozuo has soared, and the highest temperature once exceeded 40 °C. The Daqing incinerator project and the Panji exhaust pipe project have also entered a tight manufacturing stage. In order to effectively protect the physical and mental health of front-line workers and promote the company's safe production in summer, the party branch of Dongguo Chengfa actively carried out the "Summer cool, party members act first" activity.


The party member service team delivered cold drinks and ice cream to quench their thirst at the production site, and brought them a cool breeze in the hot afternoon, so that the front-line employees felt the care of the party branch for them.


The summer "send cool" activity is one of the activities of Dongguo Chengfa Party Branch to serve and care for employees, and also one of the important measures of "I do practical things for the masses". Care and love have been put into practice, which has effectively improved the effectiveness of the activities, and made employees deeply feel the care and warmth of the organization.

In the next step, the Dongguocheng Development Party Branch will make the cooling work routine and regular.