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Dongguo Chengfa continues to promote safe production month activities

Author:admin     Date :2022-06-11      Read:161

In order to further improve the basic skills of flood control and rescue of all employees, according to the company's safety month activity plan, on the afternoon of June 10, experts from Jiaozuo Guoxiang Safety Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd. were invited to the company to carry out special training on flood control and rescue knowledge.


In this training, taking 7.20 Zhengzhou heavy rainstorm and 7.24 Beijing heavy rainstorm as cases, we focused on studying the "7.20 Zhengzhou Heavy Rainstorm Disaster Investigation Report". By analyzing the cases of dangerous situations, the focus was on defense measures, self-rescue measures and post-disaster hygiene and epidemic prevention in the rainy season. Knowledge and other aspects of training and dissemination. Through training, the emergency response ability of all employees in flood control and emergency rescue work has been improved.


Entering the summer, the flood season is approaching. Dongguo Chengfa will deeply learn the lessons of the 7.20 heavy rainstorm disaster in Zhengzhou, conscientiously implement the requirements for flood control and rescue work, make safety arrangements for the flood season in advance, strictly implement the responsibility for flood control and disaster relief, and do a good job in the investigation of hidden dangers during the flood season. Flood prevention and disaster relief measures are taken to ensure the safety of the company during the flood season.

Dongguo Chengfa will continue to promote the safety production month series of activities, through extensive publicity and education and ideological mobilization, to enhance the safety awareness and safety responsibility of all employees, and to ensure the safe and stable development of the company!