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Dongguo City Development organizes special emergency drills for fire and explosion

Author:admin     Date :2022-06-23      Read:154

In order to further improve the comprehensive emergency response capabilities of all employees in the event of fire and explosion accidents, according to the overall activity plan of the 2022 production safety month, on June 23, Dongguo Chengfa organized a special emergency drill for fire and explosion, all cadres and employees. participated in this exercise.

During the gas cutting operation in the workshop, the sparks ignited the objects around the platform, and the fire gradually spread, which may cause the welding machine to catch fire and the gas pipeline of the column to catch fire and explode. The foreman of the workshop immediately reported to Zhu Hailu after discovering the danger, and Zhu Hailu immediately reported to Wang Dongping, the leader of the leadership team of the Office of the Emergency Response Command Center. At the same time, Shi Zhanhong, a workshop worker, was arranged to immediately cut off the nearby power supply, and Pei Yunlai immediately closed the main valve of the gas station. After receiving the report of the danger, Wang Dongping, the leader of the company's emergency team, ordered the company to immediately activate the company's emergency plan for fire and explosion incidents. All departments organized emergency evacuation of all staff, and the on-site emergency rescue team was quickly in place to carry out fire and explosion rescue operations. During the exercise, employees of various departments acted in an orderly manner according to the exercise plan and successfully completed the exercise content.


After the drill, the general manager Wang Dongping made an evaluation and summary of the drill. He emphasized that the temperature in many places in Henan has recently reached 40 °C, and the surface temperature once reached 70 °C. The production workshop must carefully absorb the recent explosion of gas cylinders in different industries in China. lessons learned from accidents, pay close attention to the safety management of gas cylinders at high temperatures, and carry out special investigations on hidden dangers of gas cylinders; the production workshop should strengthen the labor protection work of front-line employees, and effectively implement ventilation, heat insulation, and cooling measures on the job site; the management department It is necessary to continue the activity of going deep into the workshop to cool off; on the premise of personal protection, front-line employees give full play to their work style that is not afraid of hard work, fight high temperature, and achieve high production, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of the company's projects in progress.


Dongguocheng Fa Zhang Wenwen (text) Li Zhenyu (picture)

June 23, 2022