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Dongguo Chengfa convenes a leading party to hold a theme of democratic life without forgetting its o

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In order to effectively strengthen the building of the leadership team, give full play to the overall effectiveness of the team, and continuously improve the team's ability to control work. According to the spirit of the party committee's "Notice of Concentrating on the Leadership of the Middle-level Leadership Group," Don't Forget Your Original Mind, Remember the Mission, "the Democratic Life Meeting (Dongguo Committee [2019] No. 93), the spirit of the company's party branch and leadership team, On December 4th, a leading democratic life meeting was held for the leadership team, "Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind." Liu Xuejun, Minister of the Work Department of Dongfang Boiler, and Yao Xi, Officer of the Work Department of the Party Committee attended the meeting.


The theme of democratic life will focus on "not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission", reviewing and analyzing the problems, effectively rectifying and implementing, and continuously improving the overall effectiveness of the team. The members of the team made full use of the results of the theme education, taking stock of the harvest, examining the problems, and making in-depth analysis. On the basis of review and analysis, combined with the feedback results, cadre inspections, pre-meeting organizational learning, and solicited opinions and suggestions from the staff and workers, we analyzed the reasons for the problems in the leadership team and carried out criticism and self-criticism. The theme of people's livelihood will be based on the agenda of “Secretary of the Party Branch on behalf of the team to make an inspection and analysis report, members of the team to make an inspection and analysis report one by one, carry out criticism and self-criticism, comments from superior leaders”.

Through the special democratic life meeting, the leadership team was promoted to further enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance", perform their duties, perform their duties, and make new achievements for the company's business development.

Dongguo Chengfa (Xuan)